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If I have an automobile coverage, isn't my motorcycle covered?

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Your motorcycle is important to you. Keep it protected.

Unfortunately, auto insurance for four-wheeled vehicles do not cover two wheeled vehicles. But you are still required by law to insure your motorcycle. Many insurers have special requirements for custom parts which affect your bike's performance. Call Macfarland Insurance to ask about the best coverage for your motorcycle.

Ask about adjusting coverage for additional savings

You don't ride your motorcycle as often as you drive your car. If you don't ride in the snowy season winter, do you need coverage on your bike? The answer might be no. If you only ride on weekends, ask about adjusting coverage and you may only be required to pay for coverage during the times that you'll be on the road.

Important aspects of motorcycle coverage include:

• Minimum coverage that is required by law

• Added premiums for custom parts

• Adjusted coverage for occasional riders

• Additional savings for combination policies (auto & motorcycle)

• Personal injury coverage

• Property damage coverage

• Death & dismemberment

• Bodily injury coverage

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