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Why would I need a notary's help?

A notary public is an individual who is certified by the state to verify the identity of signatures on legal documents. Sometimes signing a document is not enough - you need to provide a verified signature, especially when handling transactions online or through the mail.


Examples of situations where you may need a notary include selling a car, buying a home, or registering a vehicle in a new state. Any time you need a signature to be legally binding is a good time to contact a notary.

How does notarizing work?

Getting a document notarized is very simple. Just call Macfarland Insurance and we will arrange a time to meet with you to witness the document signing. The notary will then add their signature and certification number to show it was verified.


Call us today for FREE quotes on our fast, reliable notary services. Need to insure the assets you're transferring? Read about our home insurance or auto insurance policies!

Fast, reliable notary services

For any documents that you need to verify